Dance Physiotherapy and Injury Prevention


You probably aren’t surprised to hear Dancers suffer foot injuries much more frequently than people in almost any other sport or recreational activity. The intensity of activity, surface and technique all play a role, especially in growing kids and teens who are most likely to suffer problems.

It is recommended that dancers progressing to pointe work or moving into a tertiary dance program undertake a pre-pointe or tertiary dance assessment by a qualified physiotherapist in order to prevent injury.

Keryn Rigg is trained in dance screening and assessment and has several years’ experience in this area. She has also participated in and competed in dance (Physical Culture) for the last 25 years.

Keryn can also provide dancers:

  • assessment and treatment of all dance and performing arts injuries
  • specific rehabilitation for dance injuries
  • strengthening and flexibility programs
  • Dance screening which evaluates a dancers flexibility, strength, balance and control focused on early intervention and injury prevention
  • communication with Dance teachers

To ask any questions call Keryn on 4920 6411.

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