Goodbye to a founder of Ethos Health

It’s not often we reserve a newsletter space for a staff member who is leaving (fortunately, we have had more comings than goings over the last two years)
but we consider this case more than worthy of an exception. Mark would disagree, as he hates drawing attention to himself, but he was outvoted…

In 2000 Mark and a colleague co-founded Physio At Work – a service that brought an expert physiotherapist to the workplace to manage and prevent injuries.
It saved employers money and it saved injured workers time, and demand soon grew. The business grew as well, and within a few years, Physio at Work
had two practices (Newcastle West and Charlestown), more staff and a range of innovative services.

Mark assumed the role of Managing Director for much of this time, and his attention to detail and focus played a large role in the businesses’ success.
In 2009, Physio At Work merged with Clued on Food, a local dietetic business, to form Ethos Health, and the organisation went from strength to strength
on the back of a range of health services provided to local industry and particularly the mining sector.

When local businesses’ investment in health initiatives was curtailed with the fall in mining investment, Mark’s drive to diversify and refine many of
Ethos Health’s workplace services helped keep our team afloat when others could not, and have since helped secure a sustainable future with highly
satisfied, repeat clients from organisations large and small. Over the last 4-5 years Mark has stepped back from running the business to working in
it, delivering a number of our onsite physio clinics and ergonomics services. With 2018 just around the corner the outlook for the business is looking
ever more positive with its path guided by a talented team of clinicians and support staff. As Mark has said, there is probably never a ‘right’ time
to leave the business, but there may be no better time than now.

As a result, Mark and his family will be moving to the NSW south coast in early 2018. To ensure seamless transition for Mark’s workplace clients we have
arranged an extensive handover procedure, and expect the experience consultants who step into Mark’s shoes will do so comfortably. We wish Mark and
his family all the best with their next adventure – and we never say never – some of our corporate clients have south coast locations that until now
have been difficult to service!

If you have any questions about our workplace health services, please call (02) 4962 8700 to speak to a consultant.

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