health and wellness strategy

Implementing health and wellness strategy can be challenging but there is potential for huge benefit. As you know, the health of your employees has a significant impact on the productivity and resilience of your business. Ethos Health is here to help. We’ve developed a comprehensive planning and implementation framework called RESHAPE. Drawing on a deep body of research and industry experience RESHAPE:

  • Satisfies your strategic, operational and financial goals
  • Is customised to your organisation’s people, needs and budget
  • Encompasses modifiable mental and physical health risk factors
  • Satisfies your legal, corporate and social responsibilities for employee health, safety and wellbeing under the WHS Act.

Come to Ethos Health’s 1-day RESHAPE workshop!

Thursday 21 March 2019 Merewether Surfhouse, South Room

$350 per attendee

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Look what the RESHAPE framework will help you to achieve in one day!

You will leave the 1-day RESHAPE workshop with the knowledge, skills and resources to measurably improve the health of your workplace through:

  • A clear understanding of the modifiable health and safety risk factors in your organisation
  • An ROI calculator to understand what a healthy employee will save your business (through increased productivity, staff retention and reduced absenteeism)
  • A practical, affordable and organisation-specific plan to improve the health of your workforce that is ready for management review
  • An implementation guide and resources to execute the plan.
Time   Activity  INFO   WHO 
Arrival and welcome
tea and coffee
InBody body composition scanning of all attendees

(An example of an initiative to have your workforce engage

in actions to improve their health)

Ethos Health Team
Legislative requirements
– Obligations under
the Act?
Corporate & social responsibilities

Many organisations aim for zero net environmental impact from

their business activities, but what are our responsibilities regarding

workforce health? Should employees leave an organisation at least as

healthy as they arrived?

Dr Trent Watson
Research highlights
Understanding how employee health status and health risk factors

impact on injury, absenteeism and productivity in your organisation

will help you prioritise what to assess and where to direct health

interventions for the best possible return.

Dr Jane Watson
10:00am Morning tea
The foundations of
health: SNAPSHOT
risk factors
A medical model quantifi es health by the presence or absence of

disease. A workplace health program should be forward-thinking and

incorporate a signifi cant preventative focus.

Factors that determine your health

Smoking | Nutrition | Alcohol | Physical Activity, Function & Pain |

Stress & Mental Health | Health (Surveillance) | Obesity | Tiredness

Dr Trent Watson
Measurable health change
– Case studies
NCIG have run the ‘Bounce’ program since 2012 and recently won

the NSW Mining Council’s Health and Safety award. Their most

recent initiative attracted 98% workforce participation. You’ll learn

how a leading organisation manages its workforce health priorities

with a focus on positive health change and employee engagement.

Dr Trent Watson
12:30pm Lunch
Developing your own
RESHAPE Health and
Safety Plan
Step 1: Mobilise

Step 2: Assemble

Step 3: Assess

Step 4: Prioritise

Step 5: Plan

Step 6: Do

Step 7: Evaluate and Refine

Step 8: Improve

Dr Trent Watson
3:00pm Afternoon tea
3:20pm Individual plan development recommences
5:30pm Close

Workshop preparation

READING Each delegate will receive a pre-workshop reading kit which details the research behind successful a health and wellness strategy, engaging workplace health initiatives and positive lifestyle change. It will cover what works, what doesn’t and why.

HEALTH SCREEN Each delegate will also be asked to complete an online health screen, which is a standard component in the RESHAPE framework. Your data will remain confidential but will be de-identified and aggregated with the other participants to use as our ‘real world’ sample during the workshop.

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If you would like to know more about the ReShape Workshop please call Trent Watson or Chris Morton on (02) 4962 8700  to find out more.

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