A lack of sleep isn’t the only reason we get fatigued


Sleep and Fatigue

Whilst it is acknowledged that sleep is a significant risk factor, it is not the only issue when it comes to managing fatigue

The risk factors can be related to individual, social or environmental factors, or a combination of all three. In the workplace these could include slow
rotations, long daily work hours, insufficient breaks, not using breaks effectively, noise, vibration, heat, repetitive or boring tasks, high physical
and/or mental exertion, starting a new and unfamiliar job or task, working alone, being on call and working night shifts.

Fatigue typically leads to poor decisions regarding executing tasks, which can result in lost production or an accident.

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While decisions outside the workplace are also important, monitoring the workplace for fatigue and its causes is vital. The best outcomes will only be
achieved through a combination of workplace initiatives and individual lifestyle choices.

If you think you should be doing more to manage Fatigue in your workplace contact our Workplace Services Team and find out about Ethos Health Fatigue Management Solution.

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