1. Rethink the sugary drinks

45 minutes, Onsite

Sugar sweetened beverages are contributing the most added sugar to Australians’ diet with previous consumption data suggesting it was not uncommon for
an Australian diet to include 110 litres of the stuff each yearThis is a contributing factor to a growing obesity epidemic and can put consumers at
increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease and even Cancer.

Unfortunately, education and awareness funding doesn’t match that spent on marketing these products, most of which is targeting young people.

This interactive presentation will explore the sugar content of many popular beverages and their effect on our health. Participants will be left with the
skills to identify these beverages and healthier alternatives.

2. SNAPSHOT…Become a picture of health!

60 minutes, Onsite

Deciding to make a lifestyle change can be very challenging. Our SNAPSHOT presentation will take participants on a journey to become a picture of health! Our mission is to help you ‘Be Better!’ This presentation introduces, discusses and enables each participant to measure the lifestyle factors that are determining their health (Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical Activity, Stress, Hours Sedentary, Obesity, Tiredness (Sleep).

The presentation will help participants understand the true nature and magnitude of any risks to their health. Participants will walk away motivated to make lifestyle changes to meet their desired needs and a clear understanding of what changes they can make. This presentation will be a SNAPSHOT in time that could change your life!

3. Sleep Science

60 minutes, Onsite

Sleep is one of the four physiological needs for us to survive on this planet. If you experience sleep deprivation over a number of days, impairment levels
will exponentially rise and will not level out. A lot of us reduce the amount of hours that we sleep due to a myriad of reasons (work, social life
etc). Our sleep science workshop hones in on the reasons why and how we should get more and better quality sleep. We will also discuss how sleep impacts
on other aspects of our health which we might not necessarily recognise such as; learning, memory, impairment, performance and living longer.

Ethos Health will give information and tips on how to create good sleep hygiene, developing shift work routines and maximising knowledge of how sleep impacts
on broader health.

4. Corporate lunchbox & learn

60 minutes, onsite

Looking for an exciting new way to promote healthy & wellbeing in your workplace? Try our exclusive Corporate Lunch promotion! Your team will be provided with an insulated lunchbox bursting with nutritious goodies. Each person also receives a simple guide to creating their own fuel packs to optimise energy.

Consider this…the food and drink we consume at work accounts for roughly half of our total energy and nutrient intake for the day. Busy schedules, reliance on convenience options and poor food choices can lead to an energy dense but nutrient poor intake. Packing a fuel pack could be the difference between your workforce being healthy, happy, energetic, productive and profitable…OR NOT.

5. Nutrition & Shift Work

40 minutes, Onsite

The impact of shiftwork on circadian rhythm has long been recognised. Disruptions to our wake/sleep cycles has a significant influence on hormone levels, metabolism, digestion, inflammation and weight. Our eating habits have a powerful influence on circadian rhythm and are an important consideration for shift workers. The amount and type of food we eat and the times we eat it play a vital role in synchronising our body clock and our ability to handle shift work.

This presentation outlines the impact of snacking on weight and general health, and presents emerging evidence about optimal eating patterns for shift work tolerance. There is a focus on practical tips and strategies for healthy snacking and adjusting eating patterns to maximise the adaptation to the changing wake/sleep cycles of shift work.

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