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Operationalising Fatigue Risk management Systems

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4 in 1 Fatigue Management App

FatigueTech provides workplaces best practice systems to minimise the risk of fatigue-related incidents or injuries. 

Work Hour Monitoring

Notify employees when they need to complete a fatigue self-assessment form. 

Fitness For Work

Assess eight fitness for work factors that can impact an individuals ability to work.  

Journey Management

Measure employee journey risk against knowledge safety methodologies 

Fatigue Self-Assessment

A point-in-time assessment that analyses an individual impairment level. 

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Why choose FatigueTech?

FatigueTech is a data-driven decision-making tool that improves the efficiency of recording fatigue risk and events. This data will drive meaningful insights and discussions with workers regarding their fatigue risk and improve employee engagement in fatigue risk management.


Users can only access their accounts via a unique and secure pin code 


Traffic light indicators makes fatigue management compliance easy


Review all of your teams fatigue levels in one place 

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Access best practice risk assessment tools at the tip of your fingers


Monitor the effectiveness of the FRMS via the supervisor kiosk and company dashboards


Set specific company rules that notify employees to complete fatigue self assessments

View projects that already use FatigueTech

Work Hour Monitoring ( WorkTime )

Monitoring work hours provides an organisation with the first level of control within a Fatigue Risk management System. WorkTime enables workers and managers to monitor work hours, breaks between shift, consecutive day/night shift limits, accumulative work time and over time approval.

Notify workers to complete fatigue assessments when exceeding work hour limits.

Automatically notify supervisors when workers breach working hour requirements.

Monitor work hour breaches in line with company procedures.

Guide workers on when they need to rest in accordance with company procedure.

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Fitness For Work ( StartFit )

Workgroups that work high intensity rosters and/or in high-risk work environments are exposed to Fitness For Work and fatigue challenges. StartFit is a proactive tool that is completed by the workforce as part of their pre-start routine and monitors eight personal factors that influence Fitness for Work and fatigue to prevent incidents and injuries.

Alerts managers / supervisors on potential high risk employees

Measure eight fitness for work dimensions

Manage workers fitness for work proactively

Clear visibility of human factors that impact on safety across the organisation

Journey Management Planning

30% of workplace fatalities are a result of a Vehicle Accident. 20 – 30% of all road deaths have fatigue as a contributing factor. A Journey Management Plan (JMP) is a documented process for planning and undertaking road transport journeys with the ultimate goal of arriving safely.

Visibility of compliance with Journey Management across the business

Measure journey risk and control methods use to manage risk

Identify potential hazards that increase the risk of fatigue whilst travelling

Assess the effectiveness of journey management controls

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Fatigue Self-Assessment ( FatigueCheck )

During a workday individuals can become fatigued through a variety of work and non-work related factors that can impact on their ability to complete tasks safety. The FatigueCheck is a point-in-time assessment that documents actions people take to manage their risk of fatigue. It is to be completed by anyone experiencing fatigue; OR​ as directed by the company procedures; to document the action they are taking to manage the risk of fatigue.

Measure worker fatigue impairment

Trigger blanket FatigueChecks across teams during shifts and high fatiguing environments

Monitor the controls implemented by workers

Assess impairment acoss five domains (task, physical, mental, sleepiness and emotional)

Operationalise your Fatigue Risk Management System

Assess, monitor and control fatigue risk by using FatigueTech