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Assess sleep disorder probability in the workforce

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3-Minute Sleep Check

Our 3-minute online SNAPSHOT Sleep Check provide personalised tips to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep after assessing your sleep health, sleep habits and risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. 



Sleep Disorders

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness 

Assess your workforce sleep health and get a quote today.

Why assess workforce sleep health?

Reduced sleep quality and quantity can impact your mood, creativity, crash risk, heart health, memory, injury risk, cancer and immunity. Sleep disorders specifically costs Australia  $5.1 billion per year of which $800 million are direct health care costs of the disorders and of other medical conditions attributable to them, with the balance of $4.3 billion mainly attributable to lost productivity and non-health costs of motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury and fatality

Sleep Check Report

The Sleep Check is a research based assessment that will evaluate your sleep habits.

Individuals will receive a report outlining any low, moderate and high risk areas.

Individuals will also be provided with personalised tips to improve their sleep health based on their reported outcomes.


Company Report

At the organizational level, the aggregated data from the SNAPSHOPT Sleep Check illustrates patterns in health risks across the workforce, with capacity to filter by location, department and job role. This allows you to strategically target high risk areas, examine the benefits of existing programs and initiatives and reassess the impact of changes in policy, programs or other interventions.