Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol can have an impact on your; mood, health, level of energy and motivation.We often drink because we want to change the way we feel, but growing evidence suggests that alcohol can have a negative effect not only on our weight but also on our mental health and physical health.

Our ‘Have a Go Say No’ alcohol awareness workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge to make identify hazardous drinking, it’s effect on our bodies and mind and empower participants to make healthier alcohol choices.

Who should attend?

All workers 


60 minutes

Participant numbers

Facility dependent

Delivery method

Face-to-face OR
Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

This workshop will provide practical adviceand information on:

  • Recognizing what hazardous alcohol intake is
  • Understanding the negative behavioural and health outcomes of hazardous alcohol intake
  • Findingyour reason why you may need tomoderate drinking
  • Alcohol’s effect on your general health, weight, relationships
  • Recognising poor behaviours such as self-medicating with alcohol
  • Role modelling for our friends and family

Learning resources 

All participants will receive a copy of our Alcohol fact sheet.

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