Become a picture of health

Deciding to make a lifestyle change can be very challenging. Our SNAPSHOT presentation will take participants on a journey to become a picture of health! Or purpose is to “Make every day better.” This presentation introduces, discusses and enables participants to measure the lifestyle factors that are determining their health (Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical Activity, Stress, Hours Sedentary, Obesity, Tiredness (Sleep).

The presentation will help participants to understand the true nature and magnitude of any risks to their health. The sessions aims to motivate participants to make lifestyle changes that meet their desired needs and a clear understanding of what changes they can make. This presentation will be a SNAPSHOT in time that could change your life!

Who should attend?

All workers


60 minutes

Participant numbers

Facility dependent 

Delivery method

Face-to-face OR
Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

1)  To understand how modifiable lifestyle risk factors impact on health outcomes.

2)  To enable and empower participants to take action to improve risk relating to modifiable risk factors

Learning resources 

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete our ‘SNAPSHOT Wellbeing Check’ to identify why they would like to improve their health, what could they improve and how they will take action to improve lifestyle decisions and overall health.

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