Corporate Lunchbox Workshop

Looking for an exciting new way to promote health & wellbeing in your workplace? Try our exclusive Corporate Lunch promotion! Your team will be provided with an insulated lunchbox bursting with nutritious goodies. Each person will also receive a simple guide to creating their own fuel packs to optimise energy. 

Consider this…  The food and drink we consume at work accounts for roughly half of our total energy and nutrient intake for the day. Busy schedules, reliance on convenience options and poor food choices can lead to an energy dense but nutrient poor intake. Packing a lunchbox could be the difference between your workforce being healthy, happy, energetic, productive and profitable…or not. 

Who should attend?

All workers 


60 minutes 

Participant numbers

Facility dependent 

Delivery method


Learning objectives & content

The session includes: 

1)  The benefits of packing a healthy lunchbox  

2)  A simple guide to creating healthy lunchbox 

3)  A practical, nutrition-focused workshop facilitated by a dietitian. 

Learning resources 

The workplace has the option to support the training with 

1) our guide to preparing healthy lunches

2) a company branded insulated lunchbox

3) a packed lunch (if training is delivered onsite)

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