Fatigue In The Office

Fatigue is not a condition, but rather a symptom of many different situations, illnesses or conditions and can be defined quite simply as a feeling of weariness, tiredness, or lack of energy. The presentation of fatigue can be unpredictable and its causes diverse, making its management difficult. The good news is that with a better understanding of fatigue, its characteristics and causes, the management of fatigue can be improved and its effects controlled.

Who should attend?

Office workers 


60 minutes 

Participant numbers

Facility Dependent 

Delivery method

Face-to-face OR
Virtual training

Working in dynamic, complex and high-intensity environments can increase the risk of fatigue, impact on workforce performance and may lead to safety incidents.

It is usually not just one factor but a combination of factors (individual and workplace) that will explain someone’s fatigue. To successfully manage the risk of fatigue in these environments’ ongoing adaptation (or “resilience”) is necessary to prevent unwanted outcomes. Beingable to characterise fatigue symptoms will enable you to identify the underlying cause/s of your fatigue and take action to increase your fatigue resilience.

Learning objectives & content

Participantswill finish the course with competency in the following areas

  • Identify and act on signs of fatigue
  • Implement strategies to minimise fatigue

Learning resources 

This training is supported with our five Fatigue booklets:

1) Introductory Guide

2) Sleep,

3) Nutrition,

4) Physical Activity,

5) Mental Health.

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