Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The SNAPSHOT Health Checkis an online health risk assessment (HRA)measuring 8 modifiable health risks that we refer to as SNAPSHOT factors (Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol, Physical activity, Stress / mental health, Health surveillance, Obesity and Tiredness / fatigue)

  • Get a ‘Snapshot’ of their overall health status
  • Identify and prioritize the health factors most relevant to them
  • Enable and empower objective discussions about the health factors with their GP or health professional

At the organizational level, the aggregated data from the SNAPSHOT Health Check illustrates patterns in health risks across the workforce, with capacity to filter by location, department and role. This allows you to strategically target health and wellbeing in the workplace, examine the benefits of existing programs or initiatives and reassess the impact of changes in policy, programs or other interventions.Using a HRA is essential in order to ensure future initiatives are targeted, relevant and engaging.

What do we measure




Physical Activity


Health Surveillance



Health Risk Assessment Features

Fully customizable and tailored to the your requirements, including;

Company branding

Content customization including questions and report items

Report prompts and direction to existing company programs or benefits. E.g. Report Prompt: “Did you know the EAP program that can be accessed onsite, for more information click here”

Data analysis and reporting to the workgroup level if required

Participants receive individual reports, while data is de-identified, aggregated and analyzed to provide organizations with a ‘snapshot’ of their workforces health risks

Assess all SNAPSHOT areas or choose individual domains to be assessed

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