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Healthy Weight Challenge

Looking for an exciting new way to promote health & wellbeing in your workplace? Try our Healthy Weight Challenge! The prevalence of overweight and obesity in Australia is increasing and this has direct implications on workplace health & safety and workplace compensation schemes. Specifically, increased workplace absenteeism, lower productivity and work limitations.

Ethos Health can facilitate 6, 8, 10 or 12-week group based weight loss challenges designed to maximize the health of your team. The program uses the InBody bioelectrical impedance technology to measure body composition and can include several optional extras to tailor your challenge, motivate and engage your workforce to improve their health and in turn your business profits!

How the challenge works

  • Launch Presentation: Remote or onsite (45 minutes)

  • Initial (Inbody Body Composition) Scan: Conducted onsite (allow 10 minutes per person)

  • 6, 8, 10 or 12 weekly communication tools and fact sheets. Optional extras including meal plans, online nutrition risk assessments and materials

  • Final weigh-in (Inbody Body Composition)

  • Rewards (Organised by site)

    Multiple categories including overall weight loss, percentage body fat loss, muscle gain and change in inbody score can be used on an individual and/or group basis to decide competition winners

Launch Presentation

Ethos Health can deliver a ‘Value of Health’ presentation to as many attendees as practicable. The presentation is used to launch the challenge and can be delivered to >100 participants at a time providing sufficient space and AV equipment is available. This interactive and engaging workshop will help attendees identify the benefits of improving their health, motivate them to take action, and to make lifestyle changes to meet your desired needs and a clear understanding of what changes you can make that fit with your needs.

InBody Composition Scan

InBody accurately and quickly measures body composition. Regardless of individual health status, it effectively captures the attention of participants and engages them in understanding the impact of their dietary and exercise habits.

InBody570 4_preview

Participants receive an interpretation guide, individual printed report and 1:1, face-to-face debrief with a physiotherapist, accredited practising dietitian or accredited exercise physiologist (time allocated to debrief will depend on participation rate and budget). Repeat InBody reports provide comparative assessment against prior measures.

Using the Inbody Scan participants can track:

Weight (body fat) loss

Muscle mass changes with training

Track body water balance and hydration

Track visceral fat levels

Track response to injury treatment

Optional Extras

The program can combine written and online materials to support, motivate and engage your workforce to improve their health and in turn your business performance! 

The Snapshot Nutrition Check can help participants to:

  • Identify nutrition strengths and weaknesses
  • Prioritise areas to focus on
  • Direct participants to resources to help get the most out of their diet
  • Highlight areas they may choose to discuss with your GP


Weekly Fact Sheets and Communications

Get access to educational fact sheets that can be provided as weekly communications to enhance participation and relevance. Topics can include;

  • Understanding energy balance
  • Rethink the sugary drink
  • Resistance training
  • Alcohol and weight loss
  • Fitness snacking
  • Healthy eating out
  • Packing a healthy lunchbox
  • Portion control
  • Sports and exercise nutrition
  • Core stability
  • Eating and fatigue
  • Meal prep and smart shopping
  • Heart healthy eating
  • Nutrition labelling
  • Myths (and truths) about weight loss
  • Sleep hygiene
  • The truth about sitting
  • Quit smoking
  • Men’shealth
  • Women’shealth
  • Plus topics on request

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