Meal Preparation

The benefits of meal preparation (packing a lunch box, preparing quick and easy evening meals) are obvious to those that do it! 

  • Healthy eating…The food that is available is the major determinant of what we eat. Overcome the unhealthy and limited food choices when out and about, at work, or when life just feels too busy! 
  • Save money… Ever bought random food items without a known plan or “just in case?” These purchases can often include takeaway, snacks, sweets and other treats and can become expensive.   
  • Save time and energy…Meal planning and sequencing can save time and energy by not having to go to the shops repeatedly and will stop the procrastination or stress of what will be for lunch or dinner each day. 
  • Reduces stress… Ever felt that your diet and your life is out of control?! You may not be able to pin-point what is causing that feeling, but you can ensure that poor dietary choices don’t add to that feeling by planning and preparing your meals each day. 

Who should attend?

All workers 


60 minutes

Participant numbers

Facility dependent 

Delivery method


Learning objectives & content

1)  Tpromote the benefits of meal preparation in achieving better health outcomes. 

2)  To understand the fundamentals of what makes a healthy meal.  

3)  Tips and tricks for preparing healthy meals while managing a busy lifestyle. 

4)  Participate in nutrition focused workshop facilitated by a dietitian. 

Learning resources 

This training is supported by -

1) our Guide to Preparing Healthy Lunches, or

2) our Guide to Quick and Easy Evening Meals 

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