Mental Health

Mental Health Webinar

Facilitated by our Mental Health partner providers these seminars are run as an interactive experience for participants. This allows for integrated learning and application of new information to each person’s unique circumstances.

Webinars available:

Building Strong Minds

A 1-hour presentation for all employees to provide information and resources on Stress, Anxiety and Depression. Topics include:

  • General update on mental health in Australia and organisation specific data and what this means (if appropriate)
  • Strategies to manage stress in a work context and effective responses to anxiety
  • Minimise your risk of depression plus what to do if you are experiencing depression

Managing for Psychological Wellbeing

A 1-hour interactive webinar for leaders. This interactive workshop provides high level information on providing psychological safety with the opportunity to work through specific organisational circumstances. Topics include:

  • Defining a psychological safe work environment, especially within the COVID-19environment
  • Strategies to increase psychological safety in the workplaceand identifying employees that are struggling with Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Conversations and strategies to assist people impacted with Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Leaders to ask questions to allow direct application to their workplace

Meditation: Where to Start

A 1-hour seminar delivered online or in person. Meditation: Where To Start provides valuable insights, up to date information and action items for participants to follow. It also includes demonstration of meditation skills. Practical application of medication skills is provided for around 15-20 minutes in the presentation. This is presented in short bursts so participants to consider their experience, ask questions and build on their skills. Topics include:

  • Meditation: what is it, what are the benefits and goals of meditation?
  • How to do it - practical meditation tips for beginners
  • How can you integrate mediation in your day to day life?

Reduce Stress, Build Resilience

A 1-hour seminar. Hear what psychologists recommend for getting on top of stress and ensure that stress levels remain manageable. Resilience takes place when we are able to effectively balance out stress levels. Topics include:

  • What is stressand what stresses you?
  • Your best performance -get into this zone
  • Develop a plan to build resilience into your life

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