Rethink the Sugary Drink

Australians consume an average of 60 grams of free sugars per day (equivalent to 14 teaspoons of sugar). Sugar consumption is associated with higher energy intakes and weight gain, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  

This workshop has participants guess the sugar content of popular drinks in order, which always brings a few surprises! The presenter then discusses lower sugar and kilojoule alternatives; outlines the relationship between high sugar and chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease; discusses other best practice nutrition principles; and finishes with a Q&A session. 

Who should attend?

All workers 


30 OR 60 minutes

Participant numbers

Facility dependent

Delivery method

Face-to-face OR
Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

The presentation will help participants; 

1)  Have an awareness of the sugar content of popular beverages. 

2)  Be able to recognise beverages which have been sweetened with added sugar. 

3)  Recognise lower sugar containing beverages. 

4)  Understand the relationship between high sugar content and high energy content. 

5)  Understand the amount of physical activity required to expend sugary drink energy. 

Learning resources 

The workplace has the option to support the training with 

1)  our Alternative Drink Guide, and

2)  a company branded drink bottle. 

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