initial consult survey

Our goal is to reach a diagnosis quickly so that we can maximise your treatment time during your initial consultation.

If you’re attending Ethos Health for an initial physiotherapy or exercise physiology consult from March onwards, you may be sent a pre-appointment email with a link or QR code to a short online pre-appointment survey related to your condition. A few of our very clever clinicians have been working on these in their spare time for months, and we’re excited to finally share them with patients.

What will I be asked about?

The survey asks you about the history of your current condition, treatment thus far, general health, work and exercise routines, and more.

Does everyone get the same questions?

No. Each response you make guides what you’re asked next, to make it as short as possible overall.

Why are you doing it?

Patients tell us that one of their frustrations is the time taken in an initial consultation for the clinician to ask all the questions that have to be asked to reach a diagnosis; this time can come at the cost of actual treatment time. On the rare occasions that we are lucky enough to receive a really detailed referral from another practitioner, the time spent asking questions is far more targeted – the survey essentially allows patients to generate their own comprehensive referral, saving time in the consult.

Is anything else changing?

No! Consultations still go for just as long and cost the same. We’ll still ask you a stack of questions, but they should be more directed and personalised, and help us get to the point quicker than ever.

Is my information safe?

Yes, absolutely. Your information is part of your medical record and held in our practice management system on secure Australian-based servers along with your clinical notes and other information in accordance with the Privacy Act and medicare requirements.

Do I have to do the survey?

No, it’s 100% optional – it’s just something we’re putting in place to try and make your consult more effective.

For more information regarding the survey, contact us. Or book an appointment and see it in action first hand!

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