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Body Composition Analyser

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Inbody Body Composition Analyser

The InBody Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology is a standardised approach to analysing body composition. Based at Ethos Health’s Newcastle practice, but portable enough to be brought to your workplace, gym or club, BIA is a rapid, practical, minimally invasive and relatively inexpensive method to analyse an individuals body composition.


Body Fat %

Muscle Mass

Visceral Fat

Total Body Water

Fat Free Mass


Protein Content

Body Mass Index

Segmental Lean Analysis

ECW Ratio Analysis

Body Composition History

Weight Control

Nutrition Evaluation

Body Balance

Segmental Fat Analysis

Segmental Circumference

Intracellular Water

Extracellular Water

Basal Metabolic Rate

Waist-Hip Ratio

Waist Circumference

Bone Mineral Content

Body Cell Mass

Arm Circumference

Arm Muscle Circumference

Every InBody scan is completed by an Ethos Health Physiotherapist, Accredited Practising Dietitian or Accredited Exercise Physiologist. This means you get a health professional debrief of your results and your scan can be claimed on the spot through private health insurance, usually with a gap of less than $10 per scan.

What happens during an InBody Scan ?

Why get an Inbody Scan?

BIA measures bodyweight, fat, muscle and water levels, providing results that are highly relevant for everyone in your team, regardless of their activity profile. InBody performs a dual role – it is the most effective engagement tool on the market and provides accurate data that helps you monitor outcomes across a wide range of possible interventions.

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Measure body fat, muscle mass and water levels in less than a minute.


Comparably cost effective against other gold standard measurement tools.


Requires NO uncomfortable or invasive measurement techniques 

InBody570 4


Correlated with ‘gold-standard’ techniques such as MRI or CT scans.


The Inbody scanner will track your historical measurements. 


Understand how your diet and training regime influence your composition.


Stand-alone scan (includes scan, individual report and debrief with a physiotherapist, dietitian or exercise physiologist) - $40.00

If you have private health insurance with extras cover, this will cover on average $30 of the cost, leaving a typical gap payment of around $10.

You also have the option of getting one of our Loyalty cards.

  1. Scan as part of a consultation with a physiotherapist, dietitian or exercise physiologist - $20.00 in addition to the usual consult fee.
  2. Buy 4, get 2 free - buy 6 scans for $160.00
  3. Bring a friend and get 50% off your own scan

What will your personalised InBody report look like?


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