Early Intervention Assessments

Assess work capacity and enable a safe and durable return to work

Early Intervention Assessments

The Early Intervention Assessment (EIA) is designed as a rapid response assessment for a work-related musculoskeletal injury where one of our Newcastle or Lake Macquarie Physiotherapists diagnose and provide an immediate action plan to reduce the severity and speed up the recovery of the musculoskeletal injury. 

What is included?

Musculoskeletal injury first aid conducted at the workplace or in the clinic​ ​

Report including diagnosis, prognosis, return to work advice and treatment plan​

‘Stay at work’ support including capacity to manage injuries outside of the claims environment wherever appropriate​

Studies show that regardless of the context in which injuries occur, early intervention is associated with a faster recovery. In the workplace, a faster recovery means reduced impact on productivity and significant cost savings.

The study results reproduced above (Zigenfus et al J Occup Environ Med 2000 Jan 42(1):35-9) relate to a sample of nearly 4000 workplace lower back injuries and show that workers seen in the first 48 hours recover 40% faster compared to their colleagues who waited a week or more to commence physiotherapy treatment, with concomitant cost savings.

Early intervention graph

Why might an EIA help my organisation?

We want to help you avoid lost time injuries (LTI’s) and accelerate the recovery of injured workers. The assessment and report provide all stakeholders (workplace, injured worker, NTD, Physiotherapist, insurer) a clear understanding of the injury and suitable management strategies which may include:​

  • A clear prognosis and opinion regarding likelihood of successful injury management outside the formal claims setting​
  • Physiotherapy treatment or referral onto other practitioners​
  • Identification of suitable duties based on our consultants’ knowledge of the workplace and role​
  • Return to work planning​
  • Education and training regarding workplace ergonomics or manual task technique​
  • Recommendations regarding workplace aids or modifications that reduce manual task risk and enable the injured worker to safely remain at work​

Our EIA is underpinned by our same day appointment guarantee in clinic, and a 48 hour response when conducted at workplaces in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Lower Hunter regions.​

What are the expected outcomes of an EIA?

Reduced LTI’s​

Improved return to work timelines​

Reduced workers compensation claim costs​

Reduced rates of injury recurrence

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