ErgoCheck™ - Online

Assess and improve employee ergonomics quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, regardless of work location.

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ErgoCheck™ - Online

Is your organisation looking for an effective, efficient and easy-to-use method to assess, reduce and manage ergonomic risk for your whole workforce? If so, our Online ErgoCheck is perfect for you. 

What is the ErgoCheck?

Our ErgoCheck™ self-assessment and reporting system includes a comprehensive workstation assessment of desk height, chair position and features, monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone and document positioning, workstation layout, and more. The assessment can be performed on a seated, standing, or mechanical riser desk using a desktop computer, tablet, or phone. It is designed for office and home-based workstations, with interactive suggestions tailored to each setting. The assessment encourages on-the-spot problem solving and is designed to minimise new equipment recommendations and thus follow-on costs, unless all other options have been exhausted.


Upon completion the employee will receive an instant report outlining any issues identified, changes made, and follow-up required. A nominated employer contact will have secure access to a live dashboard illustrating all completed assessments and corresponding recommendations in an easy to read layout. 

Individual Report

The ergonomic assessment enables workers to self-assess all common ergonomic issues and provides individual recommendations to address the issues identified.


All ErgoChecks completed will be automatically sent via email to the selected administrator for storing on the safety management system.

Expert Advice

Experienced Physiotherapists have developed the Online ErgoCheck with both home and workplace office challenges in mind.


Annual subscription unlimited completions - $5.00 per eligible worker

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Why should you use the ErgoCheck?

You’re required to ensure a safe work environment. The WHS Act requires organisations to ‘eliminate and/or minimise risks to employee health and safety, so far as is reasonably practicable’. Ultimately, employers have responsibility for ensuring a safe work environment, including when employees are directed to work from home.

The development of a musculoskeletal pain problem is associated with increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and increased workers compensation costs.

Looking after your people is not just a legal requirement and cost-saving measure. It’s the right thing to do.

In practice
The ErgoCHECK™ takes only 5mins for each employee to complete. It’s the most efficient and effective way to assess and manage ergonomic risk and requires only a stable internet connection to roll out in your organisation.


ErgoCheck Report