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Culture Survey

The MoveSAFE Culture Survey and subsequent report is designed to give a company feedback from its workforce regarding the company’s performance around key dimensions that are well documented to have the potential to influence musculoskeletal injury prevention and management risk.  These key performance dimensions are:

  1. People Factors - There is strong evidence that key personal health determinants correlate with reduced functional performance and injury prevalence and importantly many of them are modifiable risk factors.
  2. System – Company policies and processes around L&D, injury reporting, risk management and resource management practices can influence company success regarding workplace health and injury prevention
  3. Culture – It is well known and accepted that a workplaces culture around attitudes towards safety, engagement with its workers, together with workplace morale have a strong correlation with company WHS performance.
  4. Leadership – How motivating and inspiring is the company leadership? Does the workers perceive they have management support regarding safety?  Does the leadership model excellent health and safety practices?

These above dimensions are each measured via the survey and the score is aggregated to provide an indication of a business maturity or capability to resist musculoskeletal incidence and injuries.  The maturity is then rated anywhere between Level 1: Not Existent and Level 5: Leading.


  • To objectively quantify a workplaces musculoskeletal disorder incidence resistance using the MoveSAFE Maturity Quotient and benchmark performance on the maturity spectrum  
  • To help inform what targeted interventions have the best potential to positively influence a workplaces musculoskeletal disorder incidence resistance  
  • To provide a key outcome measure to monitor the future effectiveness of interventions aimed at addressing key risks to musculo-skeletal disorders.

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