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Onsite Physio

Our Onsite Physio service is specifically designed to assist workplaces achieve the following goals:​

Reduce musculo-skeletal related injuries and harm to the workforce​ on a consistent basis. 

Reduce submitted claims, lag indicators (LTI, TRIFR), RTW duration, absenteeism and associated costs.​

Minimise the impact on injuries on core business activities (e.g. production).

How do we do it?​

  • Prevention

    Provision of innovative prevention strategies and systems to reduce injuries.

  • Intervention

    Assisting injured workers returning to modified or full duties, without requiring formal rehabilitation through early intervention.

  • Recovery

    Provision of an expert point of contact (control) for musculoskeletal incidents and injuries, who can direct them to the most appropriate areas for advice and support to accelerate recovery.

What specialised services do Onsite Physiotherapists provide?

Your Onsite Physiotherapist will discuss what options are best for your specific workplace, options can include:​

  • Physiotherapy assessment and treatment​
  • Return to work and injury management advice where a Treating Doctor has not been nominated. ​
  • Onsite Health & Safety Interaction’s​
  • General health advice – health coaching, blood pressure checks, fitness screens​
  • Pre-start Warm Up ​
  • Functional Fitness Assessments​
  • Workstation Ergonomic Assessments​
  • Toolbox Talks​
  • Task Analysis (Manual Task Risk Assessment)

Our Guarantee

  • Provision of one point of contact (control) for all injuries, musculoskeletal incident notification, and direct them to the most appropriate areas for advice and support
  • Provision of a fast and accessible functional fitness, pain/soreness, injury management and early intervention services, which will allow: 
    • Risk factors such as functional fitness, pain or soreness to be managed to avoid work-related exacerbation;
    • Barriers to be identified during the initial stages of a worker’s injury;
    • Return-to-work (RTW) expectations to be explained;
    • Faster identification of potential workers’ comp claims and more effective management; and
    • Managers to be assisted in identifying suitable duties and RTW strategies
  • Phone briefing from the treating physiotherapist of any injured worker within 24 hours
  • Writing report and treatment plan from the treating physiotherapist of any work-related injured workers within 48 hours

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