Pre start warm up

Ethos Health’s warm up for work program is based around dynamic movement preparation. This research driven approach has been adopted from the realms of elite professional sport.

Not only is Movement Preparation a new way to prepare cold muscles ready for work/movement by the waking up and stretching of muscles whilst they are in the act of moving. It is also about helping to maintain and improve individual long-term fitness and health.

Pre-start movement preparation exercises warm up the body and encourage increased range of the joint/s, resulting in every day movement feeling easier and more comfortable.

Who should attend?

Where hazardous manual tasks have been identified


0 . 5 hours

Participant numbers

Recommended : 0 - 25 max

Delivery method


Learning objectives & content

Participants will finish the course with knowledge in the following areas; 

  • Understand prestart warm up and the difference between dynamic warm up exercise and static pause break exercise. 
  • Be able to safely lead a prestart warm up exercise routine 

Learning resources 

Pre-start warm up posters and handouts are available. This information collateral can be personalised with company personnel if requested.


  • Mining
  • Rail
  • Utilities
  • Transport and logistics
  • Emergency services
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Local Government
  • Aged Care
  • Defence
  • Health Care
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