Role Profile (Job Dictionary)

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Role Profile

The collection and reporting of the functional demands of a business’ manual tasks is fundamental to addressing musculo-skeletal injury risk. Using a targeted manual task risk assessment, Ethos Health’s movement specialists (Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologists) in consultation with your workforce experts can investigate the functional demands of hazardous manual tasks.  Control measures consistent with the hierarchy of controls to mitigate any identified risks are also provided.  The data from the manual task risk assessment is presented via a database and report format consistent with the national code of practice for the management of hazardous manual task risks.

What is a role profile (Job Dictionary)

Following the collection of data related to the functional demands of workplace tasks, the data can be formulated in a manner to provide the company with a role profile for each of the specific roles within the company. This data / role profile is necessary for a company to manage its WHS and HR functions related to:

  • functional demands matching for new employees (Functional Pre-employment Assessment).
  • RTW functions following injury (Work Tolerance Assessment)
  • Direct any efforts to control exposure to hazardous manual tasks.

When undertaking these Pre-Employment or Work Tolerance Assessments without the functional demands of a role determined, a company cannot make meaningful or legally defensible decisions regarding the work capacity of new or injured workers.

Role profile

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