Workstation Ergonomics

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Workstation Ergonomics

Ethos Health can support the assessment of your organisations workstation ergonomic challenges and deliver injury prevention workshops across a variety of methods.  These include:

Interactive assessment and report for home and office-based sitting and standing workstations, with outstanding matters highlighted on a management dashboard.

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Online self-assessment

Face-to-face (1:1)

Group (Face-to-face or Virtual)

Combined & bespoke

Program options

Develop your own ergonomic program

If you would like a bespoke program that incorporates a variety of different delivery modes please send us a message by clicking the contact us button.

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What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the field of study of the processes in relationship to human capabilities and interactions in the workplace. Good ergonomics is often something you don’t notice until it’s missing – but once pain related to a poor setup or working postures is present, it becomes a far higher priority!

Why are good ergonomics important?

In this context, prevention really is much quicker, easier and more effective than cure. Being set up to work comfortably in the workplace and at home will assist in maintaining high levels of productivity, avoiding painful and costly employee injuries, and increase worker satisfaction.


Employers are required to provide a safe working environment in the office AND when working from home .

Good ergonomics doesn’t require lots of equipment or an expensive office fitout – it is about ensuring that key principles are in place with the flexibility to fit every individual.

Musculo-skeletal injuries resulting from poor workplace ergonomics account for 34% of all lost workday injuries and illnesses

As industry leaders in providing systems, people and resources, Ethos Health enables workplaces to prevent and better manage musculoskeletal injuries. We ensure businesses comply with legislative requirements and focus on minimising the direct dollar cost of our services to clients by leveraging our breadth of services, experienced team and knowledge of the framework within which our clients operate. Our highly experienced and capable team work across a diverse range of industries including mining, local government, maritime, aged care, health care, transport, construction, manufacturing, defence and office environments.