Lake Macquarie clinic reopens!

Lake Macquarie clinic reopens

Don’t let a niggling injury (whether it’s you, or a family member) impact your holidays, time with friends and family, your ability to do all those jobs around the house, or a smooth return to work after the break.

After a couple of weeks off over the Christmas break we are now back in action at Lake Mac. Dave, Kate, Dan, Benn, Laura and Chris are all on the roster, providing expert Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services from our rooms in the Lake Macquarie Specialist Medical Centre (just opposite Lake Macquarie Private Hospital).

This time of the year tends to bring about a different set of injuries – there are less of the nasty sprains and strains associated with the winter sports, but more:

  • Foot pain: because we’re all spending time barefoot (see the separate blog on plantar fasciitis here)
  • Shoulder pain: because we all get back into the water for a swim after months off
  • Neck pain: associated with sleeping in different beds while away on holidays (perhaps a bit less common this year!)
  • Low back pain: associated with lots of time sitting watching the cricket…
  • Fractures in kids: as they unfortunately fall off their new set of wheels or misjudge a landing on the trampoline

On this last point – if your child is unlucky enough to need a cast over the summer break, make sure you get one with a waterproof liner. We can fit waterproof casts at our Newcastle and Lake Macquarie clinics. At a minimum, you can rinse it out in a cool shower when it gets hot, sweaty and itchy, and depending on the type of fracture they might even be able to swim in it!

If there’s anything you need to recover from pain or injury in 2021 please contact us here or book online

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