Sleep Science

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping. Far from being “unproductive,” sleep plays a direct role in how energetic, alert and productive the other two-thirds of our lives can be. Like most things in life practice makes perfect and managing sleep is no exception. The practice of following guidelines in an attempt for more restful and effective sleep is known as sleep hygiene. 

The sleep science workshop aims to improve the quantity and quality of sleep for participants through the provision of information and tips on how to create good sleep hygiene, develop sleep routines and maximise knowledge of how sleep impacts on their broader health. 

Who should attend?

All workers 


60 minutes

Participant numbers

Facility dependent 

Delivery method

Face-to-face OR
Virtual training

Learning objectives & content

1)  To understand the role of sleep and outline good sleep hygiene practice. 

2)  To understand the impacts of not getting enough sleep (e.g. learning, memory, impairment, performance, immunity and longevity) 

3)  To understand external factors that can disturb or support sleep (e.g. caffeine, alcohol, medication) 

4)  To provide information and tips for achieving good sleep hygiene practice. 


Learning resources 

This training is supported with our sleep hygiene tip sheets (including shift worker tips sheets). 

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