Danni is the first person you’re likely to meet when you visit our Newcastle Practice. She does a stellar job at front reception, but that’s just the
start of it. Danni has a long list of surprising talents which has got me thinking about how we can better use these in her day job . If you
have any ideas, please let us know!

When and how did you start working for Ethos?

I started in November 2018. Prior to working with Ethos I was a dental assistant for six years. I then realised I had a passion for fitness and became
a personal trainer. After moving all over the East Coast, I moved back home to help Mum and Dad in their engineering business before becoming a
personal assistant at a sports injury clinic. I came to hear many positive things about Ethos through my previous employer & the rest is history!

Describe your role in one sentence.

I’m a receptionist.

(This was Danni’s response, but she is very modest because her job involves coordinating appointments, payments and enquiries for over 15 clinicians,
while generally just keeping the whole show on the road!).

What’s the best part of your job?

I love working with the C-Fit* clients, it’s really rewarding to see patients smile & progress through their treatment in a supportive environment.

* C-Fit groups are exercise sessions for people having treatment for cancer.

What’s the worst part of your job?

The ringtone of the phone!

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Horse riding, pole dancing, circus tricks, the beach and fishing. I’m trying to teach myself how to play the ukulele through you-tube…its been
interesting so far!

Can you tell us something we probably don’t know about you? (any unusual talents, etc.)

Someone tried to kidnap me on my first day travelling in Egypt, my life was spared for .65 cents. My dad taught me how to weld when I was in primary

I have spent a lot of time injured over the last 2 years so I’ve had plenty of time to teach myself new skills. I’ve learnt origami, horror makeup,
basic sign language and basic ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. I’m a bit nerdy & love learning new skills but I also love anything that gets
the adrenaline pumping. I’ve flown a plane, been sky diving, jumped off buildings over 100 storeys high. The scarier the better!

Anything unusual about your childhood?

Not unusual, but I do remember I was horse-obsessed! Every weekend my mum and I would be travelling all over the state so I could compete in a competition
or rodeo.

What makes you smile?

I enjoy helping people and I love trying new things!

What keeps you awake at night?

The never-ending list of bills that get in the way of my travel plans

What do you do to stay healthy?

I eat well, I avoid long periods in the sun & vary my training between circus tricks, pole, weights & yoga. The variety helps to keep me challenged
& interested

Any health tips?

Never stop learning! Get out of your comfort zone & challenge yourself regularly. Drink lots of water, eat your veggies & always protect yourself
from the sun

Who does the cooking at home?

My partner Luke.

Would you share a recipe?

Stir fry is my go to meal it’s so quick, easy & there’s so many options; you can throw in any veggies, use any sauce &
use any type of meat. I like to make it in bulk, divide it into portions & freeze it for lunches or for those nights where you just don’t feel
like cooking.

Log onto www.taste.com.au and search ‘stir-fry’ for ideas.

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