Would you like to create a plan to transform the Health and Wellbeing of your Workforce?

Health and Wellbeing Program

Implementing health and wellbeing programs can be challenging but there is potential for huge benefit. As you know, the health of your employees has a significant impact on the productivity and resilience of your business.

Ethos Health is here to help. We’ve developed a comprehensive planning and implementation framework called RESHAPE.

Drawing on a deep body of research and industry experience, RESHAPE:

  • Satisfies your strategic, operational, and financial goals
  • Is customised to your organisation’s people, needs, and budget
  • Encompasses modifiable mental and physical health risk factors
  • Satisfies your legal, corporate, and social responsibilities for employee health, safety, and wellbeing under the WHS Act
  • Is award-winning!

One of our senior consultants can come to you and facilitate (including via video) a 1-day workshop for you. Regardless of whether your organisation is just starting out on a workforce health journey, or you have established systems and are looking to ‘what’s next?’, we can help.

Look at what you can achieve in one day!

You will leave the 1-day RESHAPE workshop with the knowledge, skills, and resources to measurably improve the health of your workplace through:

  • A clear understanding of the modifiable health and safety risk factors in your organisation
  • An ROI calculator to understand how a healthy employee will save your business (through increased productivity, staff retention, and reduced absenteeism)
  • A practical, affordable, and organisation-specific plan to improve the health of your workforce that is ready for management review
  • An implementation guide and resources to execute the plan

Who is it for?

  • Organisations from any industry sector
  • Organisations with a leadership team that want to DO SOMETHING about the health of their workforce. You could be just starting out, or seasoned experts wanting to go the extra mile
  • Organisations with, in general, between 100 and 5000 staff, including those with multiple sites. (Less than 100? We can still help – it’s just that a full day workshop may be overkill. Contact us to find out more)

If you would like more information on a RESHAPE workshop for your organisation, please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

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