Wanderers Rugby kick off 2021 season with Nick Hewitt

Nick presenting to Wanderers Academy

With 2020 being something of a non-event for the local rugby competition, we’re hoping that 2021 will be very different! As part of our longstanding partnership with Wanderers Rugby, Ethos Health physio and longstanding Wanderers player Nick Hewitt will be taking the reigns as club physio this year. Unfortunately, the state of Nick’s shoulders means he has a much longer future as a physio than a rugby player, but he has already commenced pre-season with the club, with training underway and a series of presentations to the Wanderers Academy.

Speaking with players and parents from the U/15 to U/18 age groups, Nick presented on the importance of:

  • Injury prevention through appropriate strength, mobility, and proprioceptive training
  • Injury management: both acute and long-term management
  • Game preparation including key body areas to target when warming up
  • Game recovery including warm down, mobility, hydration, and nutrition

These presentations are part of Wanderers’ commitment to the health and wellbeing of all players regardless of age, and ensuring that juniors and their parents have the same access to expert services as the senior squad.

While Nick will be pitchside each weekend with the senior squads, he’ll maintain regular contact with coaches and managers across the junior age groups, as these players can access our Monday Recovery Clinic and follow up physiotherapy treatment at club-discount rates.

Wanderers seniors have a series of pre-season games booked in with the season proper commencing on 19th of April at Nelson Bay with the first home game on 15th of May vs Maitland.

Learn More: The 2021 Line-Up: Sponsored Clubs

Nick with Wanderers Academy Coordinator
Nick with Shane Goldthorpe, Wanderers Academy Coordinator

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